Homeward bound.

We had to be at the airport early, so we grabbed our backpacks and headed towards Rialto bridge for a water bus. We weren’t too sure if this was the correct way to get there, but I was really hungover so didn’t care too much.
After a bumpy, hot, crowded ride we made it to the airport, our first flight was to Copenhagen before flying on to Newcastle. I was struggling. Hangovers and travelling do not mix with me. 


Day 11, last day.

Devastated it was our last full day we decided we would fork out that night for a gondola, 80 euros. The later you left it the more the price went up, so we decided to go during daylight. 

During the day we did our last bit of exploring and tried to figure out how to get to the airport the next day, which proved difficult as things are not explained in English well.

Anyway, we decided to worry about that the next day and finish our exploring. After purchasing souvenirs and enjoying more ice cream we went home to change for our gondola ride.

The gondola was hilarious. It rained but i still loved it, Matthew was panicking but to give him his dues it was a bit choppy, I think people that say its romantic are lying, don’t get my wrong it was lovely and tranquil at times but theres so many gondolas going round its not like your alone. 
After our 30 min gondola ride we headed to St marks square, I wanted to hold the pigeons. There are loads of guys there handing out seed, obviously they want money for this, we were thinking a couple euro, no, they were saying 10! For a handful of seed! Luckily we had gotten photos before they asked for money, so they actually did only get a couple euros. Its mental when all the pigeons land on your arms, but I understand its not everybody’s cup of tea.
We then went in search for some food, we are bad at this, we rarely agree on places so wandered round for ages. Im glad we didn’t settle cause we found a restaurant with a gorgeous garden, with huge trees lit up by small fairy lights. The meal was perfect, the best pizza yet. As a bonus they forgot to charge us for our wine. Usually we would have owned up, but it was our last night and pennies were tight. After we paid the bill partly we skipped off into the Venice streets before heading home for the last time.


Day 11, Murano,Burano & Torcello

Our first stop on the boat trip was Murano, famous for glass making. The journey was fairly comfortable and provided amazing views. When we arrived at Murano we were directed into a large glass making factory, we got to sit and watch one of the guys make a beautiful glass horse, it was so clever and interesting. After this we were given some free time to look around Murano before heading to Burano. Most of the shops sell small glass items, more pricey than you might think but all lovely. We took some pics then headed back to the boat.
Next stop Burano, I had previously read about this place so was excited. It was adorable. All the houses are painted different colours, everywhere should do this cause it looks fabulous. I read it was so in the olden days fishermen could find there way home. 
We were pretty much left to our own devices here so we went exploring, the island is quite small so easy to walk around. I really enjoyed the vibe in Burano, it was so friendly, probably something to do with the colours but still. We grabbed some food, took some pics and headed onward to Torcello.


Torcello was very different, we were ushered off the bus and given the longest time here to explore. The journey from the boat to the town is quite long, maybe 20mins walk, but its a lovely walk down by a canal and in the sunshine was ideal. We arrived at the town and it is tiny. Hardly anything there, but gives off a good atmosphere, all the locals are friendly and its just cute! We bought a drink and sat in the gorgeous Italian sun before taking a slow stroll back to the boat.


When we returned to Venice we bought a bottle of wine, went and got changed and sat on the balcony to watch the sunset. Totally magical. 

That night involved again more wine and more pizza, we even tried a glass of Apertol? which is the orange stuff all the Italians drink, ew.

Day 10, first day in Venice.

This day was spend exploring, I was so excited to look around Venice so we were up and out early. I loved the atmosphere, it hadn’t even been a full day and I knew it was my favourite place. I loved all the back streets, how confusing the place was how easy it was to loose your way.
We ate amazing street food and ice cream and I loved all of the quirky shops, we also managed to find a Pandora shop, so I got my Venice charm, we also cheekily bought the Rome one, since we couldn’t when in Rome.
We came across a tourist information desk, and since we had no particular plans for Venice, decided to make some. We booked a boat trip for the next day to take us to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. 20 euros each.
That night we went for a lovely meal and felt a few bottles of wine was deserved after the amount of walking we had endured that day.


Day 9, Rome to Venice

Our train from Rome was 11:50am so we checked out at 10am but hold on, I haven’t bought my obligitory Pandora charm, que mood. We debated for a good while if we had time to run into the city centre and grab the colosseum charm, we decided we did have time. We left our backpacks at the hotel and power walked into Rome. We got into the centre at about 11am and now im panicking, there was no way we were gonna catch that train now. Sh*t.
We forgot about the charm and jumped into a taxi, so basically a total waste of time. After being in the taxi 10 minutes we realised he was going the complete wrong way. Que tears. We now had about 30mins to get to the hotel get our bags and get to the station. We didnt speak for the whole journey to the hotel, mainly because I was crying. The taxi dropped us at the top of the street of the hotel, sweating and crying we ran to the hotel to get our backpacks. Matthew grabbed both backpacks and back to the taxi we ran, I was beyond stressed, we were going to miss the train and have to pay again. Long story short we made it to the platform in time, once the realisation hit that we had made it we laughed and made up, easily my most stressed moment ever though.
Anyway we arrived in Venice and I fell in love. We hadn’t even left the train station and I knew it. The view from behind the glass doors was enough for me. Out we stepped into the beautiful streets of Venice, I loved it. It took us hours with backpacks to find our hotel cause of all the winding streets, Matthew stressed at this point but I was too elated.

We eventually found our hotel and unpacked. The view from our room was amazing.

We changed and went out into the streets of Venice to do our favourite thing, get lost.


We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, again but this time I could stomach food. Whilst eating a huge storm broke out, it was crazy but didn’t put me off at all, after our food we strolled home in the rain, it was a perfect end to a crazy long day.

Day 8, total write off.

This day as you can imagine because of the night before was a total write off.I was so ill. We struggled to the Hard Rock Cafe but I was too ill to eat, we went back to the hotel and I slept. 

After my nap I woke to a message from the couple we had met the night before asking if we fancied drinks that night. I pulled myself together and we decided to go.
We ended up going down by the river which was amazing atmosphere and having some cocktails and shisha, but it was an early night cause I was embarrassed and struggling with life.

Drunkest night in Rome ever.

   So when I booked the whole trip back in April 2015 I had a look into the nightlife of Rome, I used my fave site trip advisor to read some recommendations, they were all pretty similar, go here go there but I eventually found one a bit different, colosseum bar crawl it was called, so i checked out there website. And booked it. Matthew was concerned because in all honesty it did sound dodgey.
It was 20 euros each, and we were told to meet at the metro station by the colosseum, that was it. So we did. We hung around outside the metro for about 10 minutes before someone approached us, she was really nice, asked if we were here for the bar crawl, and took our 20 euros, she then rounded up a group of people and put us onto a public bus, which we were on for about 5 minutes. The group of people were quite ranged but mostly between 20s and 30s.
 The first place we went too was a dingy bar, I thought it was quirky, cushions on the floor to sit on, my kind of place. We then got given a token and told it was as many drinks as we wanted but had to take the token up every time. We took full advantage as we were also told we only had 2 hours in this particular place. I have never drank so much so fast. We ended up socialising and sitting with another couple, pizzas were delivered and there were drinking games going on, overall it was really good.

From here we went to a pub called the nags head, this was not a free bar but by this point I was mortal, I really didn’t realise how drunk I was until Matthew had to take me home, it wasn’t even the end of the bar crawl. Cringe.
He put me in a taxi and I was trying so hard not to vomit, then I passed out for a bit. Matthew proceeded to take photos of me, of course. The taxi pulled up at the hotel and I crawled out, I sat on the Roman street and cried and vomited whilst Matthew paid for the taxi, a woman from the shop over the road ran over and poured sparkling water on my face? Then I was carried to bed.


Day 7, Colosseum & Palatine Hill

We had booked on to the first colosseum tour of the day and so arrived at about 8:00am, this was such a good idea, no queue and the actual colosseum was pretty empty. We met our tour guide and headed inside, I can’t recommend getting a guide enough, it makes the whole experience so much more interesting and meaningful.
The colosseum itself is a must, its really unbelievable and so so interesting. The tour was about an hour, after that we had couple of hours to walk around and take pics before meeting our next guide at the palatine hill. We ended up leaving the colosseum at around 10am, just as the crowds started fleeting in.

The tour of the palatine hill was less impressive in my opinion, the tour guide also wasn’t as good as the first. Still really interesting, but tiring.
This tour only lasted about 30mins and we were again left to our own devices, using the time to explore the ancient ruins.
Its a lot of walking this day, we needed a rest, after an explore we left the ruins and headed for somewhere to sit down, or lie down.

Day 6, cattle hearding also known as Vatican City

Our plan to get up early and get to the Vatican had failed, we left the hotel at about 10am to head to the metro station, it was a lush day but I had brought a scarf to cover up afraid I wouldn’t be allowed in. The metro stunk but most metros do, there is also a guy at the bottom near the ticket machines who helps you understand the machines, what a nice guy, oh wait he wants money for telling you to put it into English.

We followed the crowd once off the metro and reached Vatican City shortly afterwards, I have never seen a queue so long, and I’ve been to Disneyworld in the summer.

Off to the back we went, getting bothered constantly by people offering us queue jump tickets, we refused everytime as I has read online these were a scam. We took our place at the back, we then got told it was at least a 4 hour wait, oh.

After about 20 minutes we cracked, don’t judge it was too hot! We found an English guy selling queue jump tickets and I asked him what the crack was, basically we got to skip the queue and got an audio guide for 40 euros each, deal. We did have to queue but it was only for 15 minutes then we were in.

There was so so many people its insane, get there early or go in winter or something cause it is mental, we learnt a lot and its all fascinating but I really thought I was going to die in that place. Some areas weren’t so bad so we actually got to listen to the guide but most of the time we were focused on not getting stood on. The guide took us as far as the sistine chapel after that we could wander as we pleased.

The sistine chapel though, its something I had of course heard about but never in so much detail, and you really don’t expect it to be as breathtaking as it is. Wow, its almost unbelievable, there are guards all over shouting to put your camera away, but if your sneaky you can defo get a photo, I managed.

We took our free time to explore the grounds, this lead us eventually to St Peter’s Basilica. If your having second thoughts about climbing to the top just do it, the view is amazing.

You get the option to walk up 800 steps for like 5 euro or take the lift up 500 steps for 7 euro, its a no brainer. So off up we went, Im fairly fit so wasn’t too worried about these steps but I should have been, they are so narrow, and its hot, and once you start walking up you cannot turn around, I was actually quite scared. We made it to the top but even when you get there its so busy, but the view is unreal. We took a few snaps and headed back down.

On the way down theres a platform you can stop on for the toilet and theres a shop, we took advantage of this as it was also an ideal suntrap.

Once we made it to the bottom we had another look around before leaving for a well deserved ice cold slush.

We were potentially up early the next day so it was a bottle of wine, a pizza and an early-ish night that evening.

Day 5, rain in Rome

This day we had nothing planned so this was an exploring day, we left the room with our cameras and excitement to find a bundle of people in the reception area, confused we headed outside. Absolutly pissing it down. The guys that roam the streets usually selling selfie sticks had sharp traded them in for over priced umbrellas, which we purchased.
We strolled round trying to get used to this giant city and ended up by chance at the pantheon, my opinion on Rome was changing with the more I got to see. Yeah we werent staying in the nicest of areas but once we were in the main area it was amazing. From here we went to the trevi fountain which unfortunatley was being refurbished, so no water and lots of barriers but even considering that I could still see how brilliant it was.

After a full day of exploring and feeling more acquaint with the area we headed back to get changed. We seen signs for a pub called ‘trinity college’ that day so headed straight there, they served cocktails and had kareoke so obviously I was sold.
A few cocktails and chocolate shots (shot glasses made of chocolate-lush) later we headed back feeling merry.