Day 2, Pisa, and the hottest day in my life.

Early-ish the next day we headed back to Pisa, this time we were travelling via train, which I had read online was pretty simple to do. It was, and about an hour later we arrived in Pisa.

I cannot stress enough how hot this day was, usually im fine with heat, like I love sunbathing, but this was a stuffy, can’t breathe kinda heat. I should also stress that Matthew is really terrible with heat, he struggles in the 12 degrees we get over in Newcastle. So already I knew this day was going to be tough.

In prep for the day ahead we headed straight for a shop to stock up on water, whilst in the shop we looked for a map, as we had no clue where the famous tower was, unfortunately maps were at least like 7 euro, total rip off, so no.

We followed the crowds, it was the best idea we had, to be honest I was expecting to walk out the station and see the tower, but no such luck. We continued down what I assume was the main street of Pisa, lots of high street stores, very commercial.

We walked for ages. And ages.

We then turned round, assuming we must have taken a wrong turn and headed back to the station, it was far too hot for this sh*t.

Okay, so back down the giant street we went, this time persevering.

Eventually we made it to the tower. In reality it probably wasn’t that far but the combination of the heat and Matthew whinging about the heat made it seem twice as long.

The tower was super busy, no chance we were gonna queue to climb it so we did the usual cheesy tourist photos instead.

After all the photos we craved water and shade, we settled into a close by cafe, the downside being it was super expensive due to its location so we stuck with a bottle of water and the cheapest bread on the menu. Once we had refuelled we started the journey back to the station, this time through the quieter streets of Pisa.

Okay, now were back at the station looking forward to getting back, to get changed and head out for a few bottles of wine. All is well, until we actually board the train.


The next hour was complete hell, we were sticking to the leather seats, we had no water left and there was loud children near us. Neither of us spoke for the full journey, which was probably wise, we would have just argued.

I remember the moment we stepped off the train, it was total bliss, there was a lush breeze in Florence which just added to the blissfulness.

Elated, we headed to our room to take a well needed cold shower. we changed and headed back out, this time we ventured further into florence, it was beautiful. We walked over the bridge which had buskers on, everyone was singing along and it was just amazing. We then went for our first proper italian meal, the restaurant we chose was a fancy one in the main square facing an adorable merry-go-round. We promised each other before we left for italy that we would try new things, so for our starter we had antipasti with honey. I was not disappointed. We also consumed a few bottles of wine and cocktails, this was not a good idea – I had planned an early trip into the tuscan countryside for the next day.



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