Day 7, Colosseum & Palatine Hill

We had booked on to the first colosseum tour of the day and so arrived at about 8:00am, this was such a good idea, no queue and the actual colosseum was pretty empty. We met our tour guide and headed inside, I can’t recommend getting a guide enough, it makes the whole experience so much more interesting and meaningful.
The colosseum itself is a must, its really unbelievable and so so interesting. The tour was about an hour, after that we had couple of hours to walk around and take pics before meeting our next guide at the palatine hill. We ended up leaving the colosseum at around 10am, just as the crowds started fleeting in.

The tour of the palatine hill was less impressive in my opinion, the tour guide also wasn’t as good as the first. Still really interesting, but tiring.
This tour only lasted about 30mins and we were again left to our own devices, using the time to explore the ancient ruins.
Its a lot of walking this day, we needed a rest, after an explore we left the ruins and headed for somewhere to sit down, or lie down.


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