Day 6, cattle hearding also known as Vatican City

Our plan to get up early and get to the Vatican had failed, we left the hotel at about 10am to head to the metro station, it was a lush day but I had brought a scarf to cover up afraid I wouldn’t be allowed in. The metro stunk but most metros do, there is also a guy at the bottom near the ticket machines who helps you understand the machines, what a nice guy, oh wait he wants money for telling you to put it into English.

We followed the crowd once off the metro and reached Vatican City shortly afterwards, I have never seen a queue so long, and I’ve been to Disneyworld in the summer.

Off to the back we went, getting bothered constantly by people offering us queue jump tickets, we refused everytime as I has read online these were a scam. We took our place at the back, we then got told it was at least a 4 hour wait, oh.

After about 20 minutes we cracked, don’t judge it was too hot! We found an English guy selling queue jump tickets and I asked him what the crack was, basically we got to skip the queue and got an audio guide for 40 euros each, deal. We did have to queue but it was only for 15 minutes then we were in.

There was so so many people its insane, get there early or go in winter or something cause it is mental, we learnt a lot and its all fascinating but I really thought I was going to die in that place. Some areas weren’t so bad so we actually got to listen to the guide but most of the time we were focused on not getting stood on. The guide took us as far as the sistine chapel after that we could wander as we pleased.

The sistine chapel though, its something I had of course heard about but never in so much detail, and you really don’t expect it to be as breathtaking as it is. Wow, its almost unbelievable, there are guards all over shouting to put your camera away, but if your sneaky you can defo get a photo, I managed.

We took our free time to explore the grounds, this lead us eventually to St Peter’s Basilica. If your having second thoughts about climbing to the top just do it, the view is amazing.

You get the option to walk up 800 steps for like 5 euro or take the lift up 500 steps for 7 euro, its a no brainer. So off up we went, Im fairly fit so wasn’t too worried about these steps but I should have been, they are so narrow, and its hot, and once you start walking up you cannot turn around, I was actually quite scared. We made it to the top but even when you get there its so busy, but the view is unreal. We took a few snaps and headed back down.

On the way down theres a platform you can stop on for the toilet and theres a shop, we took advantage of this as it was also an ideal suntrap.

Once we made it to the bottom we had another look around before leaving for a well deserved ice cold slush.

We were potentially up early the next day so it was a bottle of wine, a pizza and an early-ish night that evening.


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