Day 9, Rome to Venice

Our train from Rome was 11:50am so we checked out at 10am but hold on, I haven’t bought my obligitory Pandora charm, que mood. We debated for a good while if we had time to run into the city centre and grab the colosseum charm, we decided we did have time. We left our backpacks at the hotel and power walked into Rome. We got into the centre at about 11am and now im panicking, there was no way we were gonna catch that train now. Sh*t.
We forgot about the charm and jumped into a taxi, so basically a total waste of time. After being in the taxi 10 minutes we realised he was going the complete wrong way. Que tears. We now had about 30mins to get to the hotel get our bags and get to the station. We didnt speak for the whole journey to the hotel, mainly because I was crying. The taxi dropped us at the top of the street of the hotel, sweating and crying we ran to the hotel to get our backpacks. Matthew grabbed both backpacks and back to the taxi we ran, I was beyond stressed, we were going to miss the train and have to pay again. Long story short we made it to the platform in time, once the realisation hit that we had made it we laughed and made up, easily my most stressed moment ever though.
Anyway we arrived in Venice and I fell in love. We hadn’t even left the train station and I knew it. The view from behind the glass doors was enough for me. Out we stepped into the beautiful streets of Venice, I loved it. It took us hours with backpacks to find our hotel cause of all the winding streets, Matthew stressed at this point but I was too elated.

We eventually found our hotel and unpacked. The view from our room was amazing.

We changed and went out into the streets of Venice to do our favourite thing, get lost.


We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, again but this time I could stomach food. Whilst eating a huge storm broke out, it was crazy but didn’t put me off at all, after our food we strolled home in the rain, it was a perfect end to a crazy long day.


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