Day 10, first day in Venice.

This day was spend exploring, I was so excited to look around Venice so we were up and out early. I loved the atmosphere, it hadn’t even been a full day and I knew it was my favourite place. I loved all the back streets, how confusing the place was how easy it was to loose your way.
We ate amazing street food and ice cream and I loved all of the quirky shops, we also managed to find a Pandora shop, so I got my Venice charm, we also cheekily bought the Rome one, since we couldn’t when in Rome.
We came across a tourist information desk, and since we had no particular plans for Venice, decided to make some. We booked a boat trip for the next day to take us to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. 20 euros each.
That night we went for a lovely meal and felt a few bottles of wine was deserved after the amount of walking we had endured that day.



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